Wellness practioners

I have always had a secret passion for acupuncture and I am mystified by it’s healing power. I always encourage my clients to pursue this type of treatment in cases of inflammation, chronic or acute pain, fertility issues and just plain overall wellness. It is one of the oldest forms of treating pain. Dr. Tammi Jones is a highly skilled professional that I am happy to know and refer to.
Dr. Tammi Jones at Synoma Wellness Centre www.palmharboracupuncture.com
Sheila Gordon is amazing! I have never had a facial that was so incredibly relaxing and healing at the same time. I am so lucky to be working with such a gifted practitioner. Her skill and understanding of skin care is matched by her attention to her clients and the warmth of her hands. I love how she takes the time to explain what is necessary for my skin and uses a skin care line that is healthy and natural. Everyone in my family is seeing her on regular basis and believes in her product to the fullest. I am always pampered and well taken care of by Sheila!
Sheila Gordon of www.vitalizemeskintherapy.com
Pilates & Fitness
Jean Marie Fitness is my go to for the one on one personal attention required in your next step to achieving the lifestyle we want and desperately need. Her educational background in personal training, Pilates, and Classical Stretch-Essentrics fits perfectly with the work that I do. I enjoy her professional approach to finding what works best with your body and where things can be improved. 
I enjoy meeting lots of chiropractors is different locations that have different abilities to bring to the table. Just like massage therapists, we all have a certain flair and no one is the same. This is what sets us apart and makes us great at what we do. Depending on what type of chiropractor you are looking for, including pricing and skill, please contact me directly for specific details regarding each chiropractor I recommend. 
Dr. Teri Hohl at Balance Chiropractic Centre www.mybalancechiro.com
Dr. Eric Nye at Synergy Spine and Health Center www.drericnye.com
Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt at Mayer Chiropractic www.MayerChiropractic.com

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