Word of mouth has always been the best compliment anyone could ever receive. If you enjoy my bodywork please email me a comment or recommendation.

“I am a person with a love for running.  I first started working with Meridith due to a torn muscle.  After she fixed that issue, I realized that my recovery after long runs was much faster if I went to her and she helped me stay aware of how important stretching is to stay healthy.  Meridith always has a smile and  a way of brighten your day as well as fixing sore, tight muscles.  My last race she help me complete was a 50k trail race that I placed 2nd in my age group.  Thanks Meridith!” – Renee L.

“Meridith is a talented and passionate health care professional who cares deeply about improving her clients’ personal health, well being and quality of life. She is a master of anatomy and knows how to pinpoint the location of your problems. Her skills in postural analysis and St John Neuromuscular Therapy set her apart from all other therapist. I am very pleased to recommend her without any reservation.” – Martin G.

“Meridith and I worked together for 5 years. Her energy level and team spirit compares to no other. As well as a bright star in the office, she is very knowledgeable and devoted to the wellness of her clients. She was also an integral part of my education and training while working together. Meridith’s ability to structurally assess and help you solve your bodywork problems is always spot on. You are in the best of care with Mer.” – Nancy C.

“Meridith is truly the best massage therapist I’ve ever been treated by!  She is very technically skilled and exceptionally intuitive at the same time, warm and caring- you know she truly cares about improving your overall health. I also liked that Meridith continually seeks to learn new techniques and from the experience of her colleagues.  I always feel I’m getting the best treatment possible for my issues.” -Shannon H.

 “Meridith has an uncanny ability to know just what muscles need the most work–and how to proceed in a way that helps to relax and loosen them rather than causing more tension. She has a intricate knowledge of the body–of what connects where–and how to reach any and all issues for short and long term benefit.” – Louise M.

“As a law enforcement officer and wrestling coach, I was extremely hard on my body and never considered myself to have any physical limitations. I always just fought through the pain instead of allowing myself time to recover. As the years went on, I came to realize that the damage that I had done had accumulated and I sought the assistance of a number of massage therapists. I never received anything more than a temporary fix to the surface of the problem and I felt that I was just being given the standard cookie cutter massage. One day, I was at work and had a back spasm so severe that I was left lying on the ground unable to move and I had to be carried into the police station by my colleagues.

I finally went in and saw Meridith. From our first meeting, she was warm and engaging and seemed determined to find out the root of my pain. Meridith took an approach more like a physical therapist than what I thought of as a massage therapist, taking the time to really examine my body’s reaction to therapy and asking questions about the triggers that I experienced during the course of my day to day activities. Meridith understood that I was not interested in massage therapy for stress relief and she accepted the vast challenges that my body presented. I have never worked with someone who actually was invested in my rehabilitation and who listened to me about what I was feeling. My body fought her tooth and nail but after a number of sessions, she was able to break down all of the damage that I had done to my body over fifteen years of physical abuse. From that point forward Meridith tailored an individual plan for me that not only took into account my body’s maintenance needs, but also allowed me to move forward into a level of mobility and pain free living that I had never experienced.

I cannot thank Meridith enough for giving me my body back so that I can continue working in my chosen profession and coaching high school kids towards their goals on the wrestling mat. Meridith is a gifted professional who not only continuously strives towards becoming more knowledgeable in her field but who has the rare talent of being able to combine her knowledge with compassion and a strong work ethic while designing a therapy plan that fits the individual needs of her clients.”  –Alex J.

“Meridith worked with me when it was an emergency situation. I couldn’t turn my head to one side. I was in a lot of pain. I remember when she was working my neck muscles it hurt so bad that it made my toes curl, but when she finished I was able to turn my head and my pain had been reduced.” -Kyle M.


1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I had the pleasure of having Meridith as a massage therapist a few years ago, and she is, by far, the best massage therapist that I have ever been to, and I’ve been to many. I have had ongoing issues with my neck, shoulders, spine, and on top of all that, TMJ, and she was always able to provide much needed relief, no matter how much pain I was in. My condition was quite complicated, but she could always get to the root of the problem, and had me feeling better in no time.

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