Each appointment is customized for whatever your need is the day you come in. If you are under a specific treatment plan we work accordingly to what is needed for your treatment.

Standard Rates Apply

30 minutes $45
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $70
75 minutes $85
90 minutes $100

Couples Class 90 minutes $115                                                                          This session is Both of you together to learn how to massage each other. This appointment is 40 minutes for each person on the table, and 10 minute extra change over break and discussion time. Each treatment is catered to the individual’s needs.

If you have disabled child, or person of need and are looking for an educational one on one session the fee is the same as the hourly amount.

Postural analysis is always free if you have a specific condition that we need to figure out together. Please know that I will analyze you before we start the session. It takes a little time for me to map out where your tension is pulling and starting from. Some people are more obvious than others. By the next session I will have better grasp of where you may be straining.





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